NOT IN STOCK, available in 2022
Price: 2 990,- CZK / available in 2022

- polished stainless steel

- revolutionary design of cage and hedgehog

- unique trick principle


The elegant cage forms an unusual “open” shape of three expanding spirals. The hedgehog has an atypical number of five spikes, while two of them are a part of the amazing teardrop-shaped ball. In addition to the groundbreaking design of the cage and the hedgehog, this puzzle also brings a new unique principle. Compared to the traditional Hedgehog in the cage, first you have to come up with various tricks which will help you to get a little further to the solution. The entire cage is made of polished stainless steel, the hedgehog is made of aluminium which is anodized in a blue color. The puzzle consists of 24 components.

Version 2 with 3/5 difficulties with a surprise hidden inside the puzzle. New packaging in pvc tube.