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The production RADEMIC PUZZLES is named after its founder, Radek Micopulos. Radek designs not only the traditional Czech puzzles but also new interesting models. Our production is based on a high and precise engineering, since 2005.

Designer and inventor of the puzzles, Radek Micopulos is the founder of the popular website JEŽ and also the production of original Czech puzzles RADEMIC PUZZLES where he successfully designs and manufactures the puzzle Hedgehog in the cage. In 2012, Radek invented a new model of the puzzle GEN, which won the best puzzle of the year 2012. Additionally, Radek invented the model BEARING and designed modified puzzles for Skoda Auto. The last model is the ORIGINAL, which is still the most credible implementation of the puzzle Hedgehog in the cage ever created. Radek has been successfully expanding puzzle history and origins, he has discovered the actual forerunner of the puzzle, which dates back to the days of the Wild West in the US.




Radek Micopulos

inventor and designer



Mgr. Eva Micopulos

phone: +420 731 495 389